Sponsorship Levels

As with many sponsored events, levels are created to give more value to sponsors who provide greater support by the donation of larger prizes.

The levels for OnlineMarketingContests.com are as follows:

Platinum Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Silver Sponsor
Featured Sponsor

Although all sponsors will receive an equal amount of actual publicity of their products or services, the higher level sponsors will ‘be at the head of the line’ regarding promotion. For example, when we send out reviews of products (we write and email reviews of all products to the users), the platinum sponsor would have their review sent first, followed by the gold sponsor and so on.

As you know, the fresher the list the better. So consider becoming a top sponsor by creating prizes that have high value. You will be rewarded by not only helping generate more interest overall to the contest on the web, but you will also get the benefit of being promoted to a fresher list.

To see if you qualify as a sponsor, please fill out the form below. You could take part in an exciting contest that drives you tons of sales and gets you new clients.

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    Sometimes sponsors don't wish to have extra branding and want their products to speak for themselves. That is fine; just upload something that can use to attribute the prize to you.

    Other Products

    If you have more than one product you'd like to promote you are certainly welcome to enter more than one contest. Please leave us a comment here if you have products in other niches you'd like to enter into a contest.

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    Sponsorship Laterals

    We work hard to group sponsors within a contest that are of comparable size. In this way, we maintain fairness to all sponsors. So you know that the other sponsors within your contest are sending the same traffic to the event that you are.

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