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OnlineMarketingContests.com is one of many domains owned by Mcintosh Marketing, whose owner, Bill Mcintosh, an Internet marketer since1997, has generated tens of millions of dollars in sales of their own products and products of their affiliates.

Their latest creation, Contestburner.com, has proven to be a highly successful viral marketing tool that quickly  generates interest and traffic around any product in any market on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Mcintosh Marketing has the ability, through Contest Burner, to become a superaffiliate in any niche within a very short period of time by running contests for their affiliates. Contests are not only highly effective at generating interest and sales for affiliates, but they are also fun for everyone involved and creates an exciting environment around the products of the affiliates.

Feel free to call us about these exciting events at 888-252-9881.

If you are an online marketer and have products that you would like to promote please  fill out your contact info and info about your products and their commission structure below.

If accepted, you will have an opportunity to place your product or service in front of highly targeted buyers with little effort on your part.

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    If you have more than one product you'd like to promote you are certainly welcome to enter more than one contest. Please leave us a comment here if you have products in other niches you'd like to enter into a contest.

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    We work hard to group sponsors within a contest that are of comparable size. In this way, we maintain fairness to all sponsors. So you know that the other sponsors within your contest are sending the same traffic to the event that you are.

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